Meet Isabella

Isabella Dhludhlu
Isabella DhludhluFinance Accountant
I was always curious about how business owners managed their company finances, inventory, employees and other business related matters. . Little did I know that the curiosity will lead me to become an Accountant. I got an opportunity to work in retail throughout my tertiary education years and that experience cemented my passion for commerce.

Over the past 16 years, I have accumulated experience in the Accountancy consulting sphere as well as in the travel and hospitality sector. During that period I completed my articles with SAIPA and attained a Post Graduate Diploma -Accountant in Practice through Fasset. I gained invaluable experience in financial accounting, tax administration, back-office support and training, recruitment, corporate governance, statutory compliance and customer relations.

About 8 years ago I joined Touch Down Africa as a Group Accountant and when an opportunity to join the Touch Down Destination Management Company presented itself, I gladly accepted it. I am dedicated to providing support to the overall mission of the company and the group as a whole.